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Start your Allyship Journey

Allyship App

Learn how to become a better ally

Daily Reflections

Daily reflections spark your critical thinking on relevant diversity and inclusion issues.

Weekly Articles

Insightful weekly articles from diverse authors guide you to deconstruct racism and systemic inequities.

Calls to Action

Weekly suggestions help you reflect on your learning and take action to support our BIPOC communities.

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Why join Allyship App

Allyship App provides ongoing education and allows you to evaluate and implement your allyship learnings effectively. The app takes on the responsibility of presenting research findings for aspiring allies and relieves the pressure on the BIPOC community to address all the questions on how to be involved.

People want to be allies, but they don't always know where to begin and often get lost in the sea of information and mis-information about social justice. Allyship App helps everyone be better allies. A platform rich with weekly content on taking action against racism and sexism, it provides a self-paced guided journey that supports learning as community -- all within the palm of your hand!

How can you help?

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Allyship App Subscription

Use Allyship App to choose your monthly subscription, which gives you unlimited access to allyship features and helps youth of color get access to educational programs.

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GOKiC Donation

Your donation to Geeking Out Kids of Color funds our 3rd-12th grade students with unique and intentional programs, empowering BIPOC youth through STEM.

Connect with Us 

Do you want to bring Allyship App to your organization? Would you like to share feedback on the content? Interested in helping us expand the app? Let’s chat!

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