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What is AllyUp?

AllyUp provides ongoing education and allows you to evaluate and implement your learnings. The app takes on the responsibility of presenting research findings for aspiring allies and relieves the pressure on the BIPOC community to address all the asks on how to be involved.

It Includes:

  • Daily reflections to spark critical thinking

  • Weekly readings to deconstruct racism and systemic inequities

  • Weekly suggestions to take action and to reflect on your learning

  • Deep dive into weekly readings with resources for in-depth understanding

  • Long-term guided learning to effectively support our BIPOC communities

Why Join?

People want to be allies, but they don't always know where to begin and often get lost in the sea of information and mis-information about social justice. AllyUp is an app to help everyone be better allies. A platform rich with weekly content on taking action against racism and sexism, it provides a self-paced guided journey that supports learning as community -- all within the palm of your hand!

How’d It Start?

AllyUp was born during the tragic events of 2020 surrounding the death of George Floyd. We saw an enormous outpouring of support for the Black Lives Matter, but also a lot of questions around effective allyship. People really wanted things to change, but many felt they didn't know enough about the topic. While it is vital to educate allies on the issues, the burden should not be on People of Color to do so. The founders and supporters of GOKiC brainstormed how technology can help with continuous, actionable, accessible learning, and partnered with volunteers during a three-day hackathon event.

And so the app was born!

Hackathon Allyup.gif
How can you help?

We are paying our content writers, software development interns, and editors to make AllyUp possible. Every dollar you give will create real change and will help support the creation of AllyUp. Plus, the more funds we raise now, the less we will have to charge in the future for a subscription.

What are the benefits of giving to AllyUp?

Organizations who give will have the opportunity to take place in the beta testing phase, receive special subscription pricing for their employees when the app goes live, and receive recognition on all our marketing materials.

Individuals who give will have the ability to take place in the beta testing phase and will receive discounted pricing once the app goes live.

Ways to Give:
  • Mail checks to: Geeking Out Kids of Color, 605 SW 108th Street Seattle, WA.  98146

  • Reach out to Brenda directly to schedule processing payment over the phone 

  • Clicking the button below!

Connect with Us 

Want to bring this app to your organization? Interested in helping us expand the app? Let’s chat!

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Start your Allyship Journey

Allyship App

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Learn how to become a better ally

Daily Reflections

Daily reflections spark your critical thinking on relevant diversity and inclusion issues.

Weekly Articles

Insightful weekly articles from diverse authors guide you to deconstruct racism and systemic inequities.

Calls to Action

Weekly suggestions help you reflect on your learning and take action to support our BIPOC communities.

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